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Alex Hsu

Associate Professor

Scheller College of Business

Alex Hsu is an associate professor of finance in the Scheller College of Business with a research focus on bond yields, equity returns, and macroeconomics.

Alex Hsu is an associate professor of finance in the Scheller College of Business. His research focus is on bond yields, equity returns, and macroeconomics. Hsu holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Brown University and doctorate in finance from the University of Michigan. He builds theoretical models to examine the impact of monetary policy and fiscal policy on equity returns and interest rate term structure. He also studies the empirical effects of government policy and legislation on firm outcomes such as returns and investment.

News and Recent Appearances

Here's why the inflation rate is so high in metro Atlanta


Alex Hsu is a Professor of Finance at Georgia Tech who says Atlanta’s growth and strong economy are a factor.

“People are moving here,” Hsu said. “People are spending money. These are signs of the healthy economy. But at the same time, that's going to make things more expensive.”

Rising Interest Rates: What It Means For the Economy and the Consumer

Scheller College of Business

Many Americans aren’t sure why interest rates were raised and how it can bring down inflationary prices and set the economy back on track. We sat down with two Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business faculty experts to find out what the rise in interest rates means for the current economy and how it will affect average citizens. Sudheer Chava, Alton M. Costley Chair, professor of Finance, and director of the Quantitative & Computational Finance program, and Alex Hsu, associate professor of Finance, provided their answers to some of the most salient questions around interest rates.

The Causes of and Cure for Inflation in the American Economy

Scheller College of Business

And the U.S. is not alone. Other countries are also experiencing inflation, but the U.S. is experiencing it more severely because of its strong economic recovery and complex supply chain, according to Alex Hsu, Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business associate professor of finance. We sat down with Hsu to learn more.

How are Equity Valuations Affected by the COVID-19 Crisis

Scheller College of Business

Alex Hsu, assistant professor of Finance has published a working paper “The Supply Channel of Uncertainty Shocks and the Cross-Section of Returns: Evidence From the COVID-19 Crisis” along with colleagues Lorenzo Bretscher, London Business School, Peter Simasek, Scheller College Ph.D. student, and Andrea Tamoni, Rutgers Business School.

The paper examines the impact of COVID-19 on equity valuations and asks two questions; how does this sudden increase in economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19 affect these valuations and what are the channels through which COVID-19 impacts firm-level outcomes?