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Jennifer Leavey

Assistant dean for Faculty Mentoring in the College of Sciences and director of the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project

College of Sciences School of Biological Sciences

Leavey’s research interests include sustainable building construction and urbanization’s impact on honey bees.

After graduating from Georgia Tech with a bachelor’s in chemistry, Leavey received her Ph.D. in immunology and molecular pathogenesis at Emory University. She is the director of the Urban Honey Bee Project, a unique interdisciplinary undergraduate research and education program focused on the impact of urban habitats on honey bees. She also serves as the faculty director of Explore Living Learning Community. Additionally, Leavey has developed innovative vertically integrated projects (VIPs) including Living Building Science, which is based on the science around The Kendeda Building, and STEMComm, which promotes scientific communication through creative media about recent scientific discoveries and engineering innovations.

News and Recent Appearances

Urban Honey Bee Project

Georgia Tech’s Urban Honey Bee Project is a research program focused on the impact of urban habitats on honey bees.

Jennifer Leavey, Carrie Shepler Named Assistant Deans

Leavey has been named assistant dean for Faculty Mentoring in the College. Shepler joins the Dean’s Office as assistant dean for Teaching Effectiveness. Their collaborative leadership will execute key components of the College’s new strategic plan.

An Age of Empowerment

Georgia Public Broadcasting

Bees play an invaluable role in our ecosystem, but they are slowly dying out as a species. In order to further integrate bees into a city environment, the Urban Honey Bee Project at Georgia Tech hopes to create new homes for these vital insects while educating students on ecological responsibility. 

We talk to Georgia Tech’s Jennifer Leavey, who is director of the project, about the initiative and what results she hopes to achieve over the length of the project. 

An Age of Empowerment

GA Tech

Jennifer Leavey is the integrated science curriculum coordinator for the College of Sciences. She also directs the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project, an interdisciplinary initiative designed to recruit and retain STEM students by studying how urban habitats affect honey bee health and how technology can be used to study bees.