Psychological Safety Workshop Open to Faculty and Staff Leaders

A virtual workshop on the importance of psychological safety will be held for formal and informal leaders at Georgia Tech on Thursday, March 2, from 9 to 11 a.m. Psychological safety is the understanding that one won’t be punished or retaliated against for speaking up about ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes, and that a team is a safe place for interpersonal risk taking.

The workshop will be facilitated by Sonia Alvarez-Robinson, assistant vice president for Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness, and co-facilitator Kendra Lewis-Strickland, associate strategy consultant in Georgia Tech's Strategic Consulting office.

“Participants will learn practical strategies they can utilize at work to enhance psychological safety, overall well-being, and team cultures,” said Alvarez-Robinson. The session will include role-playing scenarios to practice applying strategies to potential challenges.

The workshop is part of Living Our Values Every Day (L.O.V.E. GT), a campaign to enable the Tech community to bring nine strategic values to life in tangible ways that help meet the objectives set forth in the strategic plan.

The workshop is open to formal and informal leaders among faculty and staff. To participate, register here.