A Dream Garage Comes True

With the new Reck Garage, officially unveiled this spring next to the John Lewis Student Center, Georgia Tech's iconic mascot will always have a prime parking spot in the heart of campus.

The garage includes a fully functioning repair station with a lift, work benches, plenty of storage for tools, an outdoor car wash station, and dual entrances, making the space as functional as it is stylish. The crowning design piece though is a spinning turntable that allows for 360-degree views of the vintage car. When it's not rambling though campus sounding its distinctive horn, the Ramblin' Wreck can now be enjoyed almost 24/7 by its most loyal fans—students.

"In the Reck Club, we always say that the Wreck belongs to the student body; it's a representation of students," says Omar Khan, the new 2023 driver. "But there's always been some distance because we had to keep its location secret. This is a special moment to see it find a permanent home right here in the middle of campus."

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