Institute Updates Weather Operations Policies

When the threat of hazardous weather looms, two new Institute policies will help guide Georgia Tech’s operational response.

The policies — created from a collaboration among Georgia’s Tech Department of Emergency Management and Communications, the Office of the Provost, and the Registrar’s Office — replace the old “campus closure” and “class canceled” designations with modified campus operations for faculty and staff and digital learning days for students.  

Because campus closures result in the loss of instruction, research, and operational time, the intent behind new policies is to limit the effect of emergency and hazardous weather on Institute operations by pivoting to remote work and virtual teaching and learning. The changes also give managers and instructors the discretion to assess individual situations rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, while minimizing interruptions to Institute operations.   

Modified Campus Operations  
When modified campus operations are in effect, departments will continue offering essential services on site and virtually. Department leaders will identify the employees needed and communicate expectations accordingly.  

Staff who are not required to be on campus and cannot perform their work virtually will see no change under the proposed updates to the policy.  

Digital Learning Days
When on-campus activities are suspended, digital learning days will provide a way for instruction to continue. Instructors will be given discretion on the scheduling of digital instruction and should communicate updates and expectations to their students.

If an exam falls on a digital learning day, it is best practice to administer the exam during the next in-person class meeting. If the planned exam and digital learning day happen to fall on the last day before a holiday or reading day, the exam should be administered digitally. If a long-term interruption of more than three days occurs, the Office of the Provost reserves the right to determine the need for makeup classes.  

Notification of Campus During Modified Campus Operations and Digital Learning Days
In the event of hazardous weather, students, faculty, and staff can find out about campus closures and Tech’s response in several ways:

All announcements, including specific changes to campus services such as transportation or dining, will be shared on the Georgia Tech homepage.

In the event of modified campus operations, an alert will be sent via the Georgia Tech Emergency Notification System (GTENS). Notifications will also be announced through Georgia Tech’s primary social media accounts.  

Staff can expect to be notified directly by their supervisor of their role during modified campus operations and digital learning day implementation.  

Students will receive communication from their instructors regarding digital instruction schedules and makeup classes or exams.