Bloomberg Report Highlights Georgia Tech ROI

A Georgia Tech degree provides a top return on investment. This is not news to Tech graduates, but was highlighted in a recent Bloomberg analysis.

Bloomberg used data provided by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce to analyze return on investment after 10 years, compared with cost of attendance. The analysis found that many public universities outperformed private and Ivy league schools. Georgia Tech had the second-highest ROI among public institutions.

The report relied on publicly available data of graduates who accepted federal financial aid, meaning it does not include information for those who paid out of pocket for their education.

Still, for Georgia Tech, it echoes other similar findings from sources such as the Princeton Review, U.S. Census Bureau,, and Money Magazine.

“Georgia Tech continues to prove that it is one of the best values in higher education,” said President Ángel Cabrera. “We are proud to be expanding access in strategic ways, and that includes making sure our students get the return on investment that makes higher education worth pursuing.” 

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