Atlanta Metro Schools working with Constellations Center for Equity in Computing to increase AI literacy.
Yokoyama presented a new framework for semantic reasoning for robots at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, where he won best paper in the Cognitive Robotics category.
New analysis from Georgia Tech indicates that a phenomenon known as social correction may help to counter false and misleading onloine claims.
Georgia Tech researchers found that chatbots are less accurate in Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi compared to English when asked health-related questions.
Originally meeting at GSU prior to the pandemic, these friends recently reconnected as Georgia Tech online students.
A new eye-tracking system developed at Georgia Tech uses a lensless camera to reduce the size and weight of VR/AR headsets, improves efficiency, and enhances user privacy.
Two Georgia Tech Ph.D. students are being recognized for their innovative research taking on real-world problems.
Georgia Tech is partnering with area universities to promote a more realistic understanding of AI for local communities through research, education, and outreach.
A philantropic grant is transforming the future of open-source software at Georgia Tech.
A School of Computational Science and Engineering faculty member is co-leading a $1.5M National Science Foundation grant to mitigate flood risks.