The researchers’ results have created a new resource for developing next-generation, ultra-sensitive quantum electronic devices.
Effective July 1, Eric Vogel will become the executive director of the Institute for Matter and Systems (IMS), Georgia Tech’s newest Interdisciplinary Research Institute (IRI) that will launch on the same date.
The Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology and the Institute for Materials have announced they will combine to form a new Interdisciplinary Research Institute set to begin operations on July 1, 2024.
The research, which was published in Nature Astronomy last month, has the potential to impact our understanding of how water, a critical resource for life and sustained future human missions to the Moon, formed and continues to evolve.
MSE, Hanoi University, and UCSD team is developing a machine learning toolkit to discover room temperature superconducting materials.
The team’s new battery system could enable electric vehicles to run longer on a single charge and would be cheaper to manufacture — all while having a positive impact on the environment.
Neu leads the Materials in Extreme Environments research initiative for the Institute for Materials at Georgia Tech.
The honor is one of the highest professional distinctions for engineers
Georgia Tech experts are at the forefront of technology and research that could revamp clean energy infrastructure in our state.