Time is winding down on Olympic organizers’ plans to stage open-water swimming events in Paris’ iconic Seine River later this month.
Cassie Mitchell and Robert Quinn are examining the factors that affect the inclusion of people with disabilities in STEM fields, aiming to understand the challenges they face with the ultimate goal of improving accessibility and financial independence for
Associate Professor Margaret E. Kosal helped lead the National Academies committee study on chemical terrorism.
Smart textiles expert and Professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering shares insight into the best fabrics to wear in the Summer
Atlanta Metro Schools working with Constellations Center for Equity in Computing to increase AI literacy.
The database will help researchers explore questions about the causes and effects of power outages and how policy interventions can help strengthen grid resilience.
New analysis from Georgia Tech indicates that a phenomenon known as social correction may help to counter false and misleading onloine claims.
Working on a multi-institutional team of investigators, Georgia Tech researchers have helped the state of Georgia become the epicenter for developing K-12 AI educational curriculum nationwide.
Researchers in the School of Economics hope the tool they're developing can help policymakers and community organizations implement more timely and targeted interventions to alleviate hunger on the continent.
Georgia Tech is partnering with area universities to promote a more realistic understanding of AI for local communities through research, education, and outreach.