The researchers have taken the age-old technical know-how of knitting and added mathematical backing to it.
The Office of Information Technology will implement Verified Duo Push at Georgia Tech on June 24.
A team of Georgia Tech and MIT researchers found that discarded brewer’s yeast, when encased in hydrogel capsules, becomes a viable and inexpensive method for purifying contaminated water.
Georgia Tech researchers found that chatbots are less accurate in Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi compared to English when asked health-related questions.
The Office of Information Technology alerts the Georgia Tech community to be aware of DUO two-factor authentication phone scams.
A new eye-tracking system developed at Georgia Tech uses a lensless camera to reduce the size and weight of VR/AR headsets, improves efficiency, and enhances user privacy.
Georgia Tech researchers are working with service providers to take on new malware that disguises its malicious traffic as benign.
A new tool developed at Georgia Tech is proving to be highly effective against online malicious ads.
Georgia Tech cybersecurity and privacy researchers have uncovered a significant threat that exploits a vulnerability in the Safari web browser
The National Institute of Health (NIH) has awarded Yunan Luo a grant for more than $1.8 million to use artificial intelligence (AI) to advance protein research.