The Center for Scalable and Intelligent Automation in Poultry Processing, established by a $5 million USDA-NIFA grant, aims to adapt robotic automation to the poultry processing industry.
Georgia Tech Part of $5 Million Grant-Funded Center to Advance Robotics in Poultry Processing

Researchers at Georgia Tech and four other institutes were awarded the grant to increase use of arti...

Claudia Alvarez-Carreño and Loren Williams
Creative Destruction: Williams Lab Probes the Evolution of Proteins

Georgia Tech researchers apply an economics theory to study the building blocks of biological evolut...

Celebrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) Action and Awareness Week
SDG Week Highlights Sustainable Development Goals

The campus community is invited to participate in a variety of events that increase awareness of and...

A sharpshooter insect forming a urine droplet before it catapulting it high acceleration.
Super-fast Insect Urination Powered by the Physics of Superpropulsion

Tiny insects known as sharpshooters excrete by catapulting urine drops at incredible accelerations. ...

“As theoretical physicists, we develop new kinds of mathematical models,” says Itamar Kimchi. “When it’s qualitatively difficult to understand how anything can make sense in experimental data — when there’s something qualitatively shocking — we try to come up with that basic picture.”
New Quantum State Discovered in Trimer-Honeycomb Material

The transformation allows for a billion percent increase in the material’s conductivity and could le...

Professor Lakshmi "Prasad" Dasi
Artificial Intelligence Improves Outcomes of Heart Valve Patients

DASI Simulations, uses AI and computer vision in its technology for personalized and more accurate h...

Illustration of stacked LEDs (Credit: Younghee Lee)
Researchers Pioneer Process to Stack Micro-LEDs

Georgia Tech-Europe and MIT researchers are using emerging technology to demonstrate a process that ...

The cover illustration shows the surface of the halide perovskite structure being modified by a large organic cation. The cation diffuses through the thin film to reconstruct the surface structure. Credit: Advanced Materials
Research Reveals Thermal Instability of Solar Cells but Offers a Bright Path Forward

Their work reveals what goes wrong within the cells’ interface layers.

A school of planktivorous fish sheltering around a coral on a reef in the Solomon Islands in the Coral Triangle. Photo by Mark Hay
Machine Learning Predicts Biodiversity and Resilience in the Coral Triangle

The team's new methodology offers hope for better coral connectivity monitoring and protection ...

Munmun De Choudhury is an assistant professor in the School of Interactive Computing.
Social Media Study Identifies Mental Health Culture at Top-Ranked Campuses

Using social media, researchers create a mental health index for country's top-ranked colleges....