Staff Council Nominations Open until April 26, 2024

As a result of Georgia Tech's continued growth, Staff Council has enacted several bylaw revisions that impact the elections process. Effective fiscal year 2025, Staff Council will add five new seats, expanding the Council to 28 elected members, and transition to an Institute representative model. The number of the elected members will be reassessed on an annual basis allocating 1 seat per 200 staff to serve as elected representatives for the four executive groups: Academic Affairs, Administration & Finance, President, and Research

Staff Council is seeking 12 staff to serve as elected members for a three-year term beginning on July 1, 2024, including:  

  • Academic Affairs: 4 vacant seats 
  • Administration & Finance: 5 vacant seats  
  • President: 0 vacant seats 
  • Research: 3 vacant seats 

All staff are welcome to apply for committee membership, which is a one-year term. There is no limit to the number of committee members. 

A prospective Staff Council member should be prepared to represent one of the four Institute executive groups, actively contribute to Staff Council initiatives, and serve as a voice of staff to Institute leadership. It is strongly encouraged to review the eligibility criteria, consider the membership expectations and responsibilities, and acquire supervisor approval before accepting a nomination and committing to serve as an elected member or committee member.