Study shows how breast cancer cells break free to spread in the body

A new study has identified how one important gene helps cancer cells break free from the primary tumor.

A Ride in the Ramblin' Wreck

The driver of Georgia Tech’s 1930 Model A Ford gives late-night rides home to students studying for exams.

STEM is incredibly valuable, but STEAM makes it better

Mark Guzdial

Mark Guzdial

School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing

I am sympathetic to this argument for the value of STEAM (STEM+Art), rather than just STEM.  I strongly believe in the value of creative expression in learning STEM subjects.  That’s core to our...

Men's Basketball vs. Vanderbilt

2:00pm to 4:00pm
McCamish Pavilion
Georgia Tech hosts Vanderbilt at McCamish Pavilion.

NASA and Orion ready for historic test flight

Robert Braun

Robert Braun

The Danniel Guggenheim School of Aeorspace Engineering, College of Engineering

NASA Chief Technologist (2010-2011)

(*Updated 12/4) The Orion spacecraft is now set for liftoff early Friday morning at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, after Thursday's scheduled launch was scrubbed because of a fuel valve issue. This is the first flight since the Apollo missions in the 1970s to carry a spacecraft...

Public space design choices can endanger the homeless

Robert Rosenberger

Robert Rosenberger

Assistant Professor
School of Public Policy, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Over the course of the last week, two homeless men have been shot to death in Atlanta. The murders took place two days apart, and the victims were both shot multiple times, late at night, while...
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Winter Break 2014 - Campus Closed

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Georgia Tech Campus
Campus is closed Dec. 22-26, 2014.

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