Robots can be as creative as the teaching

Gil Weinberg

Gil Weinberg

School of Music, College of Architecture
Director, Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology
Adjunct professor, School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing  

Can robots be creative? Professor Gil Weinberg thinks so. And to make his point, he’s teaching about robotic creativity in a creative way. Instead of a traditional lecture, he’s using animation and music to explain the subject to school students and the general public in a...

3D structure solved for vulnerable region of glaucoma-causing protein

Scientists have determined the three-dimensional structure of a key part of a protein that is associated with glaucoma and identified regions of this domain that correlate with severe forms of the disease.

SCPC presents: Relaxation Fest Spring 2015!

7:00pm to 10:00pm
Third Floor, Student Center
Relax, take a deep breath


SCPC and the Parents Fund present: Midnight Breakfast Spring 2015!

10:00pm to 11:59pm
Atlanta, GA
Come, and be nourished with a free breakfast at the Student Center!

Bridging the Gap

Football program and Student Government Association partner to introduce the sport to international students.

How to find the needle in a big data haystack

David A. Bader

David A. Bader

Professor and Chair
School of Computational Science and Engineering, College of Computing
Executive Director of High-Performance Computing 

David Bader, professor and chair of the School of Computational Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech, delivered the keynote address during the recent "International Opportunities in Cloud Computing & Big Data" conference. Bader, executive director of High Performance...
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